Innovation Incubation Delivery

Bertiesoft Limited - conceptual office

Who are we?

Bertiesoft Ltd is a small UK based technology organisation. We specialise in developing innovations, nurturing their growth and following through to delivery in a commercial and charitable framework.

We also offer Software Engineering, Programme Management & Service Integration skills to leading FTSE100 companies globally.

All you would expect from Social Media Services

Share and enjoy...

With a combination of niche and mainstream solutions, and through organic growth we have launched social media services, microsite services, audio streaming services (long before the technology we all have today) and marketing tools for digital advertising.

We currently have a new Social Network service in beta phase - it aims to share the funny side of life !!

Technology & Software Engineering

Technology & Software Engineering

With the provision of Professional services to global organisations, covering a veriety of different business sectors including telecommunications, storage, finance, retail, property, leisure & consumer electronics, Bertiesoft can offer skillsets including Software Engineering (management, design, build), PMO/Programme management / Project management, Business Analysis & process change, product development & strategy management.

Digital services, online marketing, advertising, digital (PPC, PPV, subscription) & traditional pricing models, Agile & Waterfall engineering practices to name a few are available on a consultancy & Professional Services basis.

Value added services

Value Add

Whether it be a bespoke solution or global social network solution, they share the same challenges. The ability to generate revenue and thus define the ROI (Return on Investment) typically associated to such services & solutions or always a primary challenge.

Free-to-use services offer the out-of-the-box package. Whether there is a limit of features, storage capacity, time or other such factor, they core service is free-of-charge. Value Added Services (VAS) typically offer extended global or custom features which are chargeable. The ability to advertise / target your information on a free-to-use are examples of such Value Added Services.

All services engineered by Bertiesoft offer Value Added Services for the provision of digital advertising campaigns, supporting subscription based Pay-Per-Click & Pay-Per-View mechanisms.